One of my plans for 2020 was to keep writing articles here on at least twice a month, but many things happened that force me to forget about that and focus on some of my other goals for 2020.

On the bright side, I did manage to achieve some of my goals:

✅🎓Graduate University ✅✏️Draw more ✅💪Keep working out ✅☀️Befriend the sunlight

I’m actually really happy with what I managed to achieve, and I don’t regret leaving my blog behind because I really wanted to graduate and studying ended up taking more time than I thought. However, the thing that I missed the most during the whole year was writing.

I started this blog on 2019, writing weekly articles about the things that interested me the most about my work and it was an extremely satisfying experience. It made me realize how much I love to write and I also learned a lot in the process.

That’s why in 2021 I will be focusing mainly in creating valuable content. I already started working and polishing my process. I’m really happy to be back 😊.

The idea for this year is to work on my side projects and document everything I learn in this blog. I’ll be working with my fiance, @maurogarcia_19. He’s usually in charge of the frontend.

So the first project we’ll be working on is a Chrome extension. I won’t get into any details about the project yet, but I’ll say that I’ve never built a Chrome extension before, so I took a week to read the docs and do a small sample project just to learn how everything works. After doing a lot of reading and experimenting, I wrote an article explaining how to create a simple chrome extension from scratch:

What are your plans for 2021?

If you’re planning to write more this year too, comment below so I can follow you. Lets help keep each other accountable and motivated!

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