A couple of months ago, I started experimenting with the Twitter API. My idea was to build a bot to share some digital art I created on my redbubble account by publishing a tweet once or twice a day with a random design and caption.

Once I got it working I thought “maybe more people could benefit from this 🤔” so I started working with @maurogarcia_19 to scale the idea so it will be useful to anyone who wants to share links on Twitter regularly.

Our main concern was that we didn’t want to create a “spam generator”, so we built the idea around the concept of sharing thoughtfully.

That’s how Cephhi 🐙 came to be.

What is Cephhi?

Cephhi is a personal Twitter assistant. You feed him links, ideas and hashtags and he creates tweets regularly without repeating for as long as he can.

Check this video to see Cephhi in action:

How’s Cephhi thoughtful?

As I said before, for us this was the key for this project. We don’t want cephhi to be a simple “bot”🤖 or a “scheduler”. So these are the ideas we’re working on to prevent that:

  • The amount of tweets per day is limited to a maximum of 4.
  • The amount of hashtags per tweet is also limited.
  • It’ll give you tips on how to keep an authentic image online.

We’re working really hard to make Cephhi a tool that encourages a responsible social media usage when sharing our content. We want to help content creators promote their work without replacing the human factor that, we believe, is crucial to stablish a healthy relationship with any audience.

Project status

We launched the landing page a few weeks ago as a mean to communicate and validate the whole idea: cephhi.com

Right now we’re working on an MVP that will be available for free soon 😁.

Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about this project check the website and subscribe so we can let you know when its available: cephhi.com

We’d really appreciate any feedback, questions or comments 😊

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