You may have seen this post I wrote a while ago:

Well, the MVP is done and we’re going LIVE today! Check it out!

What’s Cephhi?

Cephhi is a virtual assistant specially designed to help you share your content thoughtfully, thus avoiding making your account look like a bot

Here’s how Cephhi dashboard looks right now: Cephhi dashboard

How can Cephhi be useful to you?

Are you a blogger? YouTuber? Or do you sell products online?

Add the URLs to your content (posts, videos, products, etc) and one or more related captions and, finally, include some hashtags. Cephhi will use the data to put together tweets for you every day at your desired time.

How’s Cephhi thoughtful?

  • Cephhi doesn’t fake interactions with your audience (like retweets, comments, follows or likes).
  • The content published by Cephhi is always created by people. It doesn’t generate captions or even hashtags automatically.
  • The amount of tweets per day is limited to a maximum of 4.
  • The amount of hashtags per tweet is also limited.
  • Cephhi’ll give you tips on how to keep an authentic image online.

Features included in the MVP

  • Sign up with twitter
  • Add your content’s links, tweet ideas and hashtags
  • Select the time when your tweets will be published every day.
  • Automatic tweet generation and publishing
  • Dashboard displays the generated tweets and the next tweet to be published


Go to to try it out, it’s free!

Reported issues

  • Sign up fails when the user doesn’t have an email associated to their Twitter account.
    • Fixed ✔️
  • Sign up fails when the browser language isn’t English or Spanish.
    • Fixed ✔️
  • Some typos
    • Fixed ✔️

Big thanks to:

  • @lpbayliss
  • @yvonnickfrin
  • @codegears
  • @gablaroche
  • @iceorfiresite
  • @kayis
  • @gablaroche

For reporting the issues and helping us improve Cephhi 😁

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